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How to Plant Seeds for Your Future? 

Are you thinking about possible personal change for the future, but feel it’s a bit daunting right now? How about exploring what you want or desire with small actions. I call it “planting seeds” with my clients since it’s a way of exploring or testing out what you may want to achieve or obtain with small, actionable steps to see what takes root and grows. 

Let’s put it in action with a few examples:

Example #1

Desired Change: A Stay-at-Home mom wants to return to work when her current toddlers enter elementary school, but she is not sure what career path.

Planting Seeds: She can read books, listen to podcasts, take classes, research certification/degrees required, set up informational zoom/phone calls, work with a life & career coach, etc. 

By exploring her options and interests, she can gain clarity and confidence while taking small steps towards her desired path. That way she is better prepared for when she wants to make the change.

Example #2

Desired Change: A woman wants to get healthy and age well.

Planting Seeds: She can read books, experiment with eating plans, try out different exercise classes, work with a nutritionist,  listen to podcasts, etc. 

She definitely doesn’t need to make all the changes at once. In fact, it’s recommended to start with small changes or it could be overwhelming or lead to burnout.

Planting Seeds with Small Changes

Our brains like predictability and comfort making us more resistant to change. Implementing small changes are key and helpful to gain momentum and confidence.  

Whether you would like to make changes now or down the road, start planting some seeds to see what grows and expand in that direction. Alternatively, you may discover some things don’t take root or truly interest you in the way you imagined. Having the clarity will help position yourself better for the present and future. Continue planting more seeds and testing to discover what works for you.

Remember, change happens with action. The future you will thank you for taking action now. What seeds do you intend to plant?

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