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Self-Care Tips for Moms

Top 5 Tips to Show Up for Yourself Today

As busy moms, it can be difficult to find time for yourself. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Taking care of yourself will create a chain reaction so you can show up in your life with more energy and joy! Try incorporating these tips with consistency to feel better.

Tip # 1: Nourish your body with healthy food! I know it’s confusing out there with so many different diets and trends, but just by cutting out added sugar (it’s everywhere!) and processed food, you will notice a difference. To be honest, your energy might drop at first depending on how much sugar you currently consume, but you will ultimately feel better once your body adjusts.

Tip # 2: Move your body! Our bodies were not designed to be stationary. The best exercise is one that you will want to do and not avoid with excuses. Try adding 30 minutes of your desired exercise most days – walking counts! Experiment as well – it’s easy to sample different types of exercise classes on YouTube.

Tip# 3: Sleep! I know, not very exciting, but sleep is when our bodies heal and reset, so catching zzzz’s are essential! Try going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier for one week and see how you feel.

Tip # 4: Step out in nature! We are meant to be in nature. Just think of how our bodies produce Vitamin D with natural sunlight. Take some time to get out in nature – could be a walk, bike ride or even sitting outside to catch some fresh air. Instant mood lifter!

Tip # 5: Connection is key! It’s important to our mental health to connect with others. Technology makes it easier than ever, so make a point to reach out to a family member, friend, neighbor or acquaintance today. Bonus points if you make plans to see each other!

I hope these tips are a helpful reminder to carve out some time for yourself. When you feel better, you will have more energy for loved ones and all the things on your plate. I’m happy to help you stay accountable to yourself with the above tips and any other changes that you are trying to create in your life or career. Schedule your complimentary session today and we can chat about how I can best help you.

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