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How to Shift Your Mindset to Create Opportunities

If you told me mindset would have a huge impact on me years ago, it would not have resonated. However, looking back I remember the early days of motherhood and getting frustrated and exhausted with simple things. Thankfully, my capacity, outlook and life have changed in amazing ways thanks to mindset shifts. In fact, if you told me several years ago that I would live in Japan with my family for 4 ½ years and become a life coach, I would have laughed. Simple mindset shifts led to many new possibilities in my life. Continue reading to learn how shifting your mindset can lead to many beautiful opportunities in your life. 

What exactly is mindset?
Mindset is a collection of thoughts and beliefs that influence how we think, who we are and what we do. There are two parts to our mind – our subconscious and conscious minds. Our subconscious mind is actually responsible for about 95% of how we think, the decisions we make, how we act and how we feel. It’s wild that the part of our mind that we are not consciously aware of dictates most of our behaviors! 

How is our mindset developed?
Our mindset is shaped by our experiences and feedback from our environment such as teachers, parents, religious leaders, the media and more. The great news is that we can change our mindset with a little work.

Noted psychologist and author, Carol Dweck pioneered the two categories of mindset:

  • Fixed Mindset – This is when you believe all of your abilities are innate and you are born with all the abilities you will need in life. Those with a fixed mindset often feel like failures happen because something is lacking within themselves.
  • Growth Mindset -Those with a growth mindset feel that they can learn anything or acquire any ability if they put in enough effort. These people don’t let setbacks stop them.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Why does Mindset Matter? Well, your mindset…..

  • Is the lens from which you view the world. Your beliefs shape your reality.
  • Is responsible for how much money you allow yourself to make.
  • Will affect how you show up in your life for yourself and loved ones. 
  • Can either propel you forward or keep you stuck.
  • Can affect your confidence and ability to turn your thoughts into actions. 

As you can see, mindset is important, as it impacts our lives in many ways and adopting a growth mindset will help you navigate challenges and move forward.

How can you shift your mindset for a more empowered life? 

  • Know your interests, skills, gifts, personality
  • Develop Awareness of your thoughts and uncover your limiting beliefs
  • Practice Be-Do-Have (Vs. Have-Do-Be or Do-Have-Be)
  • Take Responsibility – You are the creator of your life
  • Look at every failure as growth and opportunity
  • Practice Gratitude

It’s also good to be aware of what I call, “mindset stealers”

  • Letting outdated or untrue stories define you
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Fear of Failure or Change

Here’s how to break your current mindset cycle:

– Think new thoughts that lead to…
– New choices that create…
– New behaviors that lead to…
– New experiences that create…
– New emotions that inspire…
– New thoughts = Evolution of Change!

“When we change our mind, we change our life.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Turning thoughts into Action:

  • Develop a mindset for success.
  • Adapt new habits for more positive outcomes and notice how your life changes in front of your own eyes.
  • Success is not something that just happens but something you create.

It’s powerful to realize that you can create a life full of possibilities. It may not change overnight and our mindset can be challenged in all different aspects of our life, but pairing awareness with action leads to transformation. 

Action Steps To Shift Your Mindset:

– Create Awareness around Self-Talk and Change if Needed with Affirmations
– Match Your Mindset to Your Goals (Visualization)
– Surround yourself with people with people who have a growth mindset, read books, take courses, work with a coach
– Create New Habits (start small) to Support Mindset & Celebrate Small Successes
– Get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself (stay curious, continue learning)

What action step will you take this week to shift your mindset?

I know there’s a lot to digest here, but I hope you found it helpful. If you need help shifting your mindset to create career and life opportunities in your life, download my free guide, “Creating Your Next Chapter” or schedule a complimentary virtual coffee chat with me. 

It’s Never Too Late for the Life You Want.

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