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What are You Willing to Give Up to Make Life Changes?

Do you have a goal or dream in mind? It could be anything like starting a new side hustle, moving to a new location or losing some weight. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed about getting started, it can be useful to do the following thought exercise:

  • Realize the benefits of making the life change
  • Explore what you have to give up in order to achieve or obtain what you want 
  • Identify the cost of not making the change

Taking the time to do this can help with motivation and guide you in choosing the best path depending on how you gauge the benefits, payoffs and losses involved in making your desired life changes. It will be different for everyone as everyone has different situations, desires and outcomes. 

Let’s explore some simplified examples of making some life changes:

Life Change: Getting More Sleep
Benefit: Waking up energized and rested
What You Give Up: Watching late night t.v.
The Cost of Not Making Changes: Continue to feel tired, irritable and less productive 

Life Change: Start a Side Hustle/New Business
Benefit: Connecting to my purpose, having autonomy, income growth potential, time freedom 
What You Give Up: Security at current job, predictable schedule and pay
The Cost of Not Making Changes: work in an uninspired position with no growth or autonomy

Life Change: To be Healthy
Benefit: Live longer, have more energy, lose weight
What you Give Up: late night snacking, tv time
The Cost of Not Making Changes: Gain weight, feel uncomfortable in my clothes, lose flexibility and mobility as I age

These are some simplified scenarios, but you get the picture. There are always benefits, payoffs and losses involved in making life changes, but having clarity can help you move forward.

Working with a certified life coach can further help you with this process by helping you gain more clarity on what you want, raising your level of motivation and supporting you with the action steps needed to move forward with your life change(s). 

What life changes have you made lately? Would love to hear about it! 

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