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How to pick your “Word of the Year”

You’ve likely heard the concept of picking a “Word of the Year” for each new year. A lot of focus is put on new year’s resolutions, but most resolutions are dropped before the end of January which can be frustrating. However, a lower pressure idea is to pick a “Word of the Year” or simply put, a chosen word to focus on throughout the months. It will be different for everyone, but the idea is that your chosen word inspires you, encourages you, and/or serves as a reminder of how you want to expand in the new year. Let’s face it, 2020 and 2021 were unusual years, so picking a “Word of the Year” or Chosen Word can help open the door to positive experiences and possibilities. 

My Chosen Word for 2022 is Energy. I chose this word for a few reasons:

  • Energy to be present with my kids (they are growing way too fast!)
  • Energy to be a present spouse (marriage is way more fun when I/we put energy into it)
  • Have energy to plan and have fun experiences with my family and friends
  • Energy to focus and grow my coaching business (exciting things planned for 2022!)
  • Have the energy and focus for our kitchen renovation (yes, we are doing it ourselves)
  • Energy to continue to learn and grow in all areas of my life

I realize that in order to have energy, I will need to invest in myself in various ways:

  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get better sleep (a challenge for me)
  • Get out in nature
  • Slow down to be present 
  • Mindset

I’ve also become more aware of energy exchange. How others’ energy can impact mine and how my energy can impact others. Setting boundaries and protecting your energy is a very worthy investment so you can show up how you would like to in 2022. 

Do you have a chosen word for 2022? Try to have fun with it. The idea is that it resonates with you and what you need more of, what you want to focus on or what you need to improve on in 2022.

If you need some ideas, here are some suggestions: 

  • Grace
  • Focus
  • Explore 
  • Imagine
  • Present
  • Create
  • Growth
  • Confidence
  • Blessed 
  • Opportunity
  • Balance

Wishing you energy, health and happiness in 2022! For more ideas and inspiration for your motherhood journey, sign up for my newsletter. 

Want to make 2022 your best year? I help stay-at-home moms and those in stagnant careers who feel stuck and unsure of how to move forward to uncover their unique gifts and talents. I help them translate these into new opportunities, so they can feel purposeful and energized again. If this interests you, schedule a complimentary breakthrough call today. 

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