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#1 Christmas Gift: The Gift of Time

With the loss of loved ones in recent years and the speed at which my kids are growing up, the fragility of time is more present now than ever. Yet, it’s human nature to take it for granted and think we can get to the project later, visit someone later, get healthy later, find our dream job later, etc. If only we could freeze time and pull it out to thaw and use later. However, the reality is that time doesn’t stop for anyone. This made me realize that the number one gift we can give to anyone at Christmas or any time of the year, is our time. 

Here are some festive ways to spend time with loved ones this season:

  1. Bake Cookies or make a gingerbread house.
  2. Watch Christmas movies.
  3. Play Board Games.
  4. Go for walks/hikes in nature.
  5. Go for evening walks to spot the houses with the best Christmas decorations and lights.
  6. Make Christmas cards or gifts for teachers, neighbors, and friends.
  7. Volunteer together.
  8. Make a phone call to a distant relative or friend.
  9. Sit down and listen to your parent’s/grandparent’s stories even if you’ve heard them a million times as you will miss those stories once they are gone (trust me on this). 
  10. Sing some Christmas carols and/or dance around the house. 

In addition to spending time with loved ones, we can give the gift of time such as offering babysitting or pet sitting for someone that needs it. My father recently watched our three kids so that my husband and I could join his parents and younger brother and fiance on a cruise. It was our first trip of more than one night away from our kids in 15 years! We loved the opportunity to spend time with some faraway family especially since their trip to visit us in Japan in 2020 was canceled. We made great memories on the cruise with fabulous dinners, shows, trivia games, beach time and more. It would not have been possible without the generous gift of time from my Dad. 

If you are having a hard time thinking of a gift for someone that feels they have everything, consider spending time with them or giving the gift of time. It’s more valuable than many of us realize. Enjoy your time with loved ones this holiday season! 

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